Premier Archive provides confidential document shredding and destruction services as part of the overall program of data management.

Document shredding and destruction

Secure document shredding is an important part of good record management. Destroying documents once their legal retention period has passed helps to prevent identity theft and secure your company’s data.
Premier Archive destroys documents through shredding, cutting paper into extremely fine pieces before recycling for maximum security. We can offer shredding services with a security level 004 and 006 (see below).
When your company stores documents with Premier Archive, you can assign a destruction date for each file or box in storage. When the file or box’s destruction date is reached, Premier Archive will advise you and confirm your order for destruction. When destruction is confirmed by the responsible person of your Company then respective boxes are withdraw from the Archive and placed on the destruction spaces.  Access in to destruction space have only authorized persons of Premier Archive and authorized persons of your Company. The whole process of destruction is recorded by a security cameras and at the end of the process client is provided with the recording of the destruction process in CD / DVD.
Your Company also can follow the process of destruction from your offices through our IP cameras. Premier Archive also provides immediate destruction of documents and removing them from your offices.


High security shredding

Shredders are graded on security based on the size of the shred particles created once a document has been shredded. There are six security levels that shredders can be grouped into, with level 1 being the lowest security level and level 6 being the highest.
The National Security Agency and Central Security Services deal with highly classified documents on a regular basis. Because of the highly sensitive nature of the documents that pass through the NSA and CSS, any document that is shredded or otherwise destroyed must be rendered unrecoverable by the process. NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 details the requirements that a shredder must meet to render a document unrecoverable by NSA and CSS standards. The resulting shred particles are small enough that no distinct characters can be made out, making it impossible to piece the document back together.
Only shredders with a security level 6 rating meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 and are classified as being NSA/CSS approved. Shred particles generated by these shredders have an area equal to or smaller than approximately 1/32” x 5/32” or 1mm x 5mm.
Our shredder is a high security NSA approved industrial shredder. It has the highest security rating for shredding paper and optical media. It can shred paper, optical media (CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays), Floppy-disks, and Blu-ray. The security level of our shredder is level 006 which meets the latest shredding standards: NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for paper destruction, NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for Optical Media destruction.


Certificate of destruction and recycling

Once all destruction processes have been completed a Certificate of Destruction is provided to you as evidence of compliance of secure destruction procedures and disposal.
The Certificate of Destruction will include details of the workorder number that the destruction services was instructed to be completed under, details of the items destroyed, date of the destruction and requestor details.
We will make sure that your documents are recycled and upon request we will provide a Certificate of Recycling

Shredded waste paper strips