Book and Bound Documents Scanning

Premier Archive provide Book and Bound Document Scanning services. This service is a non-destructive process of converting hard copies, bound books and bound documentation into an electronic format, such as PFD, JPG and TIFF.

What can Premier Archive book scanners scan?

  • Books;
  • Bound Contracts;
  • Wills;
  • Deeds;
  • Instruction Manuals;
  • Manuscripts;
  • Journals;

Book and Bound Documents Scanning


If you have books or bound documentation that you require to be electronically imaged but not divided Premier Archive can scan your items with a high level of care, accuracy and security.

Book scanning provides greater insurance against disaster and physical damage to books and documents. You are then able to preserve original, rare and valuable books and use the information on a practical level online. Digital books are easy to replicate, search text and gain access to information.
Digitising books can prove difficult and time consuming for those who need digital copies of important, confidential documents.

Premier Archive offer a professional book scanning service providing with a high level security at all times. The technology uses the latest digital capture technology from Fujitsu. The scanners allow the capture of all images to be processed in Color or Monochrome without changing the integrity of the item by dividing or separating pages.

Electronic Access & Digital Retrieval


Scanned images can be provided to clients via a choice of their media device for example, disk, encrypted disk, hard drive.  Alternatively you can access them via Premier Archive own secure online environment.