The combination of Premier Archive scanning equipment, software and scanning operatives means that we’re able to scan even the most challenging of documents whether they are delicate, fragile or in poor condition.

What can Premier Archive scan?

  • Invoices
  • Archival Records
  • Receipts
  • Quotes
  • Contract Agreements
  • Case Files
  • Medical Records
  • General Correspondence
  • Finance Files
  • Legal Documentation
  • Project Plans
  • HR Record

Paper Scanning


Premier Archive approach each and every clients project and contract with the highest confidentiality and care. Full scanning logs are completed for each document scanned detailing the scanning equipment utilised, scanner operator and details of documents for example if a post-it note is attached, received with a tear or rip.



Premier Archive are able to index your documents to one field or multiple fields of indexing as per your requirements. You might require your documents to be indexed by name, number, date, address, model, title, batch, product. All indexing can be manually and automatically completed by our scanning operators and scanners.

Electronic Access & Digital Retrieval


Scanned images can be provided to clients via a choice of their media device for example, disk, encrypted disk, hard drive. Alternatively via Premier Archive own secure online environment.