A fully integrated records and information management program addresses both physical and electronic records. Premier Archive can offer a high-security environment for document scanning, state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained staff to ensure your scanning project is executed effectively.
Pair Document Scanning with hosting your images in our servers and you have immediate access, anywhere in the world on any computer with internet access. We will prepare, scan, index and host your business records, providing you with unprecedented convenience and immediate availability.

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Our scanning services include:

    • High speed, High quality scanning;
    • Scan on demand;
    • Bulk scanning of archived paper documents;
    • Link to the Original. If you store your scanned documents with Premier Archive, we will link the box number to the original document, ensuring quick and accurate access should you need the original paper document back;
    • Scanning of varied types of documents from business cards to ledger-sized, long documents, and thin or thick documents;
    • Secure Scanning environment;
    • Black and white, grayscale or full color scanning;
    • Resolution from 150 to 600 dpi;
    • Scanned images can be saved as PDF JPEG or TIFF formats;
    • Scanning of books or bound documentation;
    • Document pickup and delivery;

Here are some of the most important reasons to choose Premier Archive for your scanning needs:

    • No hardware or software to purchase;
    • No scanners to purchase;
    • No maintenance expenditures;
    • Free your employee time and office space;
    • No risk of owning outdated equipment with Premier Archive-managed scanning services;
    • Achieve business process efficiencies, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction;
    • Enhance accessibility and collaboration;
    • Enable security and compliance with role-based permissions and audit tracking.

Since only 1 out of 10 stored documents are ever retrieved, you could save more than 90% over traditional bulk scanning and save thousands of euros by storing your paper documents at our secure facility and scanning records only when you need them. For more information check our Scan-on-Demand services.