Our Premier Archive boxes are fully recyclable. Triple reinforced handgrips and a smooth, double-wall, well-supported floor ensure a super strong box and maximum durability. They are specially designed to be assembled in one piece, with an integral treasure-chest style hinged lid.  Our box uses no glued or stapled seams.  No glue or staples mean fewer busted boxes! Our boxes are equipped with two holes to close the boxes with security binding with appropriate code.

Our boxes are designed specifically for storage on our shelves, they make the best use of our shelf spaces and can store up to five standard Lever Arch Files.

Please note that we do not dictate to our customer whose boxes can be utilized when using our archive storage services. We only request that the archive boxes our clients use are fit for purpose e.g. stacking, can be picked up etc. Premier Archive have stock of archive boxes onsite to ensure the ability to provide boxes at all times to our clients with a quick turnaround time. Our storage cartons are available for purchase in any quantity and can be delivered to you within 24 hours