The Value of Organization

Having properly organized files helps you determine how long records should be kept. Retention Scheduling can save storage costs and may shelter you from exposure to liability if your records are retained too long. Premier Archive can help you classify your documents and determine how long to keep them according to corporate policies, legal or tax requirements or ISO standards.


Segue Into Software

Our professional indexers can update your existing database, on any platform, or help get you started with our custom Records Management Software. With your records properly organized, our software will allow you to track and monitor all your company’s files, no matter where they reside.



Let the Premier Archive team help you organize, relocate and store your files. The Premier Archive Packing Team will come to your site, pack up and index your records, and transport them to our Records Management Center to be securely stored.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Premier Archive, we are committed to providing you with safe, reliable storage options. Your peace of mind means everything to us. We completely guarantee your satisfaction by backing all the work we do for our clients. For the life of your records, trust Premier Archive.